Painter's Forstal Gardeners' Club

Welcome to the Painter's Forstal Gardeners' Club

Founded in December 1979, the Painter's Forstal Gardeners' Club provides a welcoming environment for gardeners of all abilities with gardens and allotments great and small to meet, exchange tips, share knowledge and to socialise. We have regular meetings, many of which will host a talk by either one of the club members or, more usually, a visiting guest.


We usually have one meeting a month, check out our programme schedule for upcoming meetings and events.

You don't have to be a resident of Painters Forstal to be a member, we currently have around 90+ members and we would welcome new members should you wish to join us.

Best in Show - Spring 2024

What's happening in  2024

To find out what's going on at the Painter's Forstal Gardeners' Club, head on over to the programme page where you'll find out what's on where and when. 

Our next event is The Club Visit. to the 'No Name Nursery'. More details on the club news page

If you'd like to get in touch then please do contact us

Sheeps wool mulch for sale

It's dahlia growing season and, if you're like us, you'll be trying every which way to keep the slugs and snails at bay. Club member Stephanie Bates has a solution you might be interested in, Sheeps Wool.

Sheeps wool acts as an excellent deterrent for those pesky critters that would like nothing more than to munch away at any tender stems, it also acts as an excellent moisture retainer and ultimately will rot down to fertilise the soil. As an added bonus it'll also help to keep the soil cooler in summer and warmer in winter. With so many benefits I'm really not sure why it's not more popular. 

Anyway, if you're keen to try it then Stephanie has some she'd very much like to sell, at £5 for a large animal feed sackful, she'll either deliver it to you locally or you can collect.

Interested? Drop us a line and we'll put you in touch!

Pelham Plants - Plant Fairs

This year the plant fairs roadshow has thirteen outstanding events planned across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London and Hertfordshire, each bringing together specialist plant nurseries and garden suppliers in a beautiful venue.

The first event will be on Sunday, 11th February at Hole Park Garden where exhibitors will showcase rare and unusual snowdrops as well as plants, shrubs, summer-flowering bulbs, garden tools and plant supports.

To find out more take a look at their website:

Plant Fairs Roadshow

Affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and the Kent Federation of Horticultural Societies